Asif: US should work with countries having influence on Taliban

Pakistan’s foreign minister Khwajah Asif has said the United State should work with the countries having influence on Taliban in a bid to open door for peace talks and end the conflict in Afghanistan.

Reaffirming Islamabad’s stance against militaristic approach to Afghanistan issue, Asif told The Wall Street Journal in Islamabad that the new approach through military means represents the failed policy of the previous US administration.

Asif further added that the Obama administration could not achieve peace and stability by deploying forces almost eight times more than what is planned now.

He said the only solution for the violence to be ended in Afghanistan is peace talks, insisting that Washington should work with the countries having influence on Taliban to resume negotiations which he believes can be arranged if Washington work with the countries.


Afghan, Pakistani And US Officials Discuss Anti-Daesh Campaign

High-ranking officials from Afghanistan, United States and Pakistan in two separate meetings in Kabul discussed the fight against Daesh and Afghanistan-Pakistan bilateral military cooperation, reports indicate.

The meetings were held at the Ministry of Defense on Thursday.

A six-member high-level military delegation from Pakistan, led by Director General Military Operations Pakistan Army, Major General Sahir Shamshad Mirza represented Islamabad at the meetings, Pakistan’s Inter Services Public Relations said in a statement quoted by APP.

The officials from the two countries reiterated their commitment to continue fight against the common threat of terrorism.


ISIS behead two Afghan civilians on espionage charges in Kunar

The loyalists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group in Afghanistan, ISIS Khosan, have beheaded two civilians on espionage charges in eastern Kunar province.

According to the local officials in Kunar, the men were initially taken hostage and were later beheaded on charges of spying to the foreign forces and the government.

Provincial governor Wahidullah Kalimzai confirmed the incident but rejected the claims by the ISIS terrorist group regarding the involvement of the victims in espionage.

The terrorist group has released pictures of the hostages and claimed that the men were beheaded in Manogi district.


درگیری خونین میان افراد پیرم قل و یک فرمانده دیگر در تخار

در نتیجه‌ی درگیری میان افراد ملا پیرم قل و فرمانده جمال در ولسوالی رستاق تخار، از دو طرف سه تن کشته و چهار تن دیگر زخمی شده‌اند.

خلیل اسیر سخنگوی پولیس تخار با تایید این خبر به تلویزیون ۱ گفت که این رویداد ساعت ۱۰:۰۰ صبح امروز، چهارشنبه ۲۲ سنبله، رخ داد.


Protestors Chant ‘Death to America’ Amid Leaflet Outcry

Residents of Qarabagh district of Kabul on Tuesday staged a protest demonstration in the district against the blasphemous leaflet drop by US forces in Parwan, Kapisa and Kohdaman district of Kabul province and called for the prosecution of those involved.

Many protesters waved Afghan flags, however a number of Taliban flags were also seen.
The protestors blocked Kabul-north highway for three hours and chanted the slogan ‘death to America’.

“We are prepared to sacrifice our lives for the sake of our religion,” said one protestor Hekmatullah Haqmal.

“It is better for the US to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible, the US has killed thousands of our brothers since it started the war in Afghanistan sixteen years ago,” said another protestor Saifurrahman Habibi.


India and Afghanistan agree to expand defense and security cooperation

The Indian and Afghan officials have agreed to expand bilateral cooperation in the field of security and defense apart from New Delhi’s major contribution socio and economic development contribution to Afghanistan amounting to more than $2 billion since the fall of the Taliban regime.

The Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj informed regarding New Delhi’s new commitments during a press conference with her Afghan counterpart Salahuddin Rabbani in New Delhi on Monday
Swaraj further added that 116 new “high impact” development projects would be implemented jointly in 31 provinces of Afghanistan.

“We remain united in overcoming the challenges posed by cross-border terrorism and safe havens and sanctuaries to both our countries,” she added.


Nancy Dupree, a well-known American scholar on Afghanistan, dies aged 90

Nancy Hatch Dupree, a well-known American scholar on Afghanistan, has passed away at the age of 90 in Kabul.

Nancy first arrived in Afghanistan in the 1962 and has worked tirelessly to document the cultural heritage of the country.

An internationally recognized expert on the history, art, and archaeology of Afghanistan, Nancy has written 5 guidebooks for Afghanistan Tourist Organization, the guide to the National Museum and over 250 pieces on topics including the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

In 2007, she founded the Dupree Foundation to promote charitable, education and scientific endeavours among Afghans.


Head Of Kapisa Ulema Council Assassinated

Local officials from Kapisa province said the head of Kapisa Ulema Council, Gul Mohammad Hanifyar, was gunned down by a number of unknown gunmen on Saturday morning.

Qais Qaderi, the provincial governor’s spokesman, said the incident took place in Khum Rubai village in Hese Dowom-e-Kohistan district in the province.

He said a bodyguard of the Ulema council chairman was also killed in the incident.
Police have started an investigation into the incident, he said.


China ‘Creating’ Consensus In Region To Fight Terrorism

Yao Jing, the Chinese Ambassador to Kabul, on Wednesday paid a visit to Eshkashem district in north-eastern Badakhshan province and said insurgent activity in the north of Afghanistan is a threat to the region.

Yao said that Beijing is currently working with Kabul and other countries in the fight against insurgency “to prevent their influence in China.”

“We are concerned that the insurgents or the terrorist movements in this region is a threat not only to China but I believe to Afghanistan itself, to Tajikistan and to all neighbors,” he said.

He visited the district to review the security situation and also to increase assistance to Afghanistan in its fight against insurgents.

“In fact we are working with your government, with the regional countries. First we are working for anti-terrorism, second we are increasing our capacitybuilding and certainly we have more regional consensus and coordination as far as anti-terrorism is concerned,” he said.


Two abducted ICRC staff members released

Two ICRC staff members who were abducted in February this year in Jawzjan province have been released.

“We are relieved and grateful that our colleagues are now back with us unharmed,” said the ICRC head of delegation in Afghanistan, Monica Zanarelli. “Their abduction and the killings of our six colleagues were emotional agony for all of us, especially for their families and friends.”

The two staff members were abducted by an armed group on 8 February 2017 while on their way to deliver assistance in Jawzan province with six other colleagues who were shot and killed in the same attack.