Top police official arrested over bribery


A senior police official was arrested in Kabul by the security forces over bribery charges.
The police chief of Police District # 13 Hussain Dad was arrested by the operatives of the major crimes branch of the ministry of interior.

Sources privy of the development said Hussain Dad was arrested during an operation after he received AFN 50,000 in bribe.

The sources further added that a clash broke out during Hussain Dad’s arrest and two security personnel of the major crimes directorate were wounded.

This comes as the government has stepped up campaign against the corruption in line with its commitment to the international community to root out graft from the key government institutions.


CEO: Supreme Court Should Rule On Issue Of Dismissed Ministers


The Office of the Chief Executive on Saturday said the interpretation of Article 92 of the Constitution is needed and urged the Supreme Court to interpret the article and release its decision on the fate of the seven dismissed ministers as soon as possible.

“Government is still waiting for the Supreme Court to interpret Article 92 of the Constitution. Once the interpretation has been received, then the dismissed ministers’ fate will be finalized,” Jawid Faisal, deputy spokesman of the CEO said.

Seven ministers were dismissed more than two months ago by MPs after they failed to spend their development budgets; but government sent the issue to the Supreme Court to interpret article 92 of the constitution that deals with the summoning of and dismissal of ministers.

Article 92 of the Constitution says if ministers cannot provide convincing explanations to parliament, MPs can consider a vote of no confidence.


NATO Will Not Allow Afghanistan To Be A Safe Haven For Terrorists


NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in a meeting with New Zeeland’s Prime Minister Bill English in Brussels on Thursday said they will not allow Afghanistan become a safe haven for terrorists.

Stoltenberg expressed his gratitude to New Zealand for contributing to the NATO presence in Afghanistan and other international coalitions, saying that the country was “one of NATO’s closest partners”.

“The aim of our presence in Afghanistan is to prevent Afghanistan from once again becoming a safe haven for international terrorists,” Stoltenberg said.


Taliban Release Video Of Australian, American Hostages


The statement came on the heels of the release of a video by the Taliban where the two men plead for help.

The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) on Thursday called on the Taliban to release two AUAF professors, Kevin King and Tim Weeks, who are being held hostage by the insurgent group.
The statement came on the heels of the release of a video by the Taliban where the two men plead for help.

“All of us at the American University of Afghanistan –students, staff, trustees and fellow faculty — are saddened and pained by what we have seen in the video the Taliban released using our colleagues, Tim and Kevin. We call on the Taliban to release immediately and safely Kevin and Tim and all other hostages.”

“Kevin and Tim came to Afghanistan as teachers, to help Afghanistan. These innocent people have done nothing to harm anyone and need to be reunited with their family, friends and colleagues,” the statement read.


Raziq Points Finger At Haqqani And ISI For Deadly Kandahar Blast


The provincial police chief said intelligence received two months ago indicated there was a plot against the military leadership in Kandahar.

Kandahar’s police chief General Abdul Raziq on Wednesday accused Haqqani Network and ISI of plotting Tuesday’s deadly suicide attack that killed 11 people, including five UAE diplomats.
Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon in Kandahar, Raziq said that an intelligence report received two months ago showed that Haqqani network wanted to target the military leadership of province.


Kabul Death Toll In Twin Blasts Rises To Over 50


Officials confirm about 150 people were also wounded in Tuesday’s deadly attack on parliament staff as they were leaving work for the day.

The death toll following the twin suicide bombings on parliament staff in Kabul on Tuesday has risen to 51, officials confirmed Wednesday.

In addition, about 150 people were wounded. Among the victims are children and women, officials added.

The majority of people killed and wounded were civilians. Hours after the attack, ambulances were still ferrying wounded to hospitals around Kabul city.


ARG Palace reacts at alleged communication of Dostum’s position


The Afghan government has reacted towards the alleged communication of Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum’s position, saying no one from ARG has communicated Vice President’s position with any individual or entity.

President Ghani’s spokesman Haroon Chakhansuri said “No one from Arg has communicated VP position with any individual/entity – something you don’t see in entire interview of Mr. Noor with BBC.”

The statement by ARG Palace was issued after the Office of the First President reacted at Ata Mohammad Noor’s remarks.

Calling Noor’s remarks as ridiculous, a statement by Dostum’s office stated that Noor along with some others have started to act against their own party (Jamiat-e-Islami) during the recent days as well as Junbish-e-Millie party and against the First Vice President.


Noor claims he rejected to replace Gen. Dostum as Vice President


The acting provincial governor of northern Balkh province and chief executive of Jamiat-e-Islami party Ata Mohammad Noor has claimed he rejected recommendations to replace General Abdul Rashid Dostum as First Afghan Vice President.

During an interview with BBC, Noor claimed that the government leadership in Kabul proposed to him to replace Gen. Dostum and take over the post of First Vice President.

However, he said he will never accept ‘donations’ and suggested that Gen. Dostum is the First Vice President, ignoring that he has a good or bad personality.

Noor also claimed that he has proposed to Kabul that Gen. Dostum’s successor should be an Uzbek Afghan, in case the First Vice President opts to resign.

The remarks by Noor came as he earlier said that he is no more counting on decision making capabilities of Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.


Unknown Gunmen Kill Head Of Sikh Community In Kunduz


Lala Del Souz, the head of the Sikh community in Kunduz city, was killed by unknown gunmen Thursday morning, officials confirmed.

Del Souz, a naturopath, was gunned down at about 9am in the Haji Gulistan Kochi Haman area of the city.


Winter Music Festival Launched In Kabul


The National Music Institute on Wednesday launched its seventh winter music festival where students and musicians from around the country will be trained for eight weeks in preparation for concerts.

“The National Music Institute has a good criterion; at least 50 percent of its students are street children,” said Rahil Mohammad Formuli, deputy head of vocational studies at Ministry of Education.